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Jan. 27th, 2013 05:09 pm
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 Yes, sir...”

He's watching me. I can feel his eyes brushing my neck, my back. His blue...

No, not yet, sir.”

His blue, so blue eyes. Not icy, not icy at...

Yes, I understand, sir.”

Not icy at all. They're burning me. No. He's just watching me... My partner. His white shirt... too big for him. His holster... He doesn't need it, here, but...

Yes, of course, sir.”

He keeps it. Always. He's gorgeous, unbelievably seductive, though not flirtatious. Because... because he's unaware of this. At the moment, he's just watching me, listening at Waverly's directions.

Close. He's so close...

Tomorrow? Yes, sir...”

He just sighed and he rolled his eyes. I know he did. And he's pursing his lips... He always does that. His tantalizing lips... as if about to kiss someone. To kiss me...

No. He's just eager to take action.

So am I.

Wish Waverly would stop talking...

Wish I'd be brave... fool enough...


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